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Bio-Etherics vs. Power of Attraction…

Have you ever noticed that “manifesting” is a “useless” egoic exercise and truly unsustainable? If so, you’re right. If not, read on…

Have you noticed that the “power of attraction” is a futile exercise with self hypnosis? If so, you’re right. If not, read on…

Why don’t these highly touted exercises like “power of attraction” and “law of attraction” so popular just a few years ago work?

The fact is, nothing works when you try to create your own reality. It’s like saying “Who do you think you are, God”?

Accept reality as it is. Take quality time, and look for the blessings that truly abound.

All reality is loaded with beautiful positive blessings, “if” you can remove the negativity in your aura to actually see them.

So the idea is, “not to use useless things like the power of attraction or manifesting and simply cleanup your own perception of reality.

Once the negative filters of the physical plane have been removed, one becomes ultimately aware of only the beauty, and blessings of God’s reality. Gratitude is realized as you sense these blessings being showered on you by Divinity. Gratitude with Humility understood and realized instantly.

True, it’s not easy to remove the massive negativity of the Hell called the physical plane. Enter in

the power of Bio-Etherics.

The machines provide that way. The machine energy literally explodes all negativity from the aura over time leaving only bright clean filters with which to navigate God’s reality.

We invite you to try this “Aura Cleaner” now. A new life and powerful awareness await you.

Are you ready to experience this new life? Please contact us via our website or if you’re interested in setting up a private consultation with Bill Kirkland himself.



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