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Power of Homopathic Water

About a year ago I decided to make homeopathic preparations of historical spiritual figures and sample the water.
the names John The Baptist, Ghandi, Zoroaster, Jesus, Buddha were all prepared “homeopathically” and sampled. I also included Satan. Interestingly enough , the historical spiritual names all gave a signature except Satan, when I took Satan drops I got no response. I can only conclude three things from this: 1. I was Satan and so could not sense myself. 2.There is no Satan. 3.Satan is a creation of ego. If I was Satan I am unaware of it, so that leaves us with 1. Not Satan or 2. Satan expressed through ego. I chose the latter. That means fear, anguish, suffering of all kinds, anger, envy, etc. are all created by the human ego and can be dealt with easily.

Negative emotions are caused by low energy states. Ego picks up the energy state of the individual and creates that reality. Ego creates through dreams, called “The Perception Of Reality” meaning all that we see and know raise the energy and better the dreams. Dreams are the creations of the energetic state; with the help of my machines I literally make Highly Energized Positive Dreams including the Positive Reality.

If you would like to have and experience  “Positive Energetic States” almost unimaginable

Contact my new website: and have your Positive Energy State a Reality “Instantly”.



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