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A Sexual Contradiction

It seems the new trend among women is to wait to have children until they are well into their thirties or even their early forties and that’s if they decide to have children at all.  They fear the term motherhood because to them it means “repression”.  After centuries of hiding their sexual beings, today’s generation of women gained many sexual freedoms.  Now they can freely have sex to experience the egolessness or meditation of an orgasm along with a spiritual connection with a partner.  The need for this type of sexual experience is natural for women, but using it as a way to avoid motherhood is not natural.

Before motherhood, women are able to control when they want to be sexual. But after becoming a mother, starting when the baby is in the womb, a woman’s need for sex diminishes, which in itself is a “scary” concept.  What is incomprehensible to a woman without a child is the spiritual connection she’s missing.  A mother’s connection with her child surpasses that which she attains with a man during sex.  This is because the spiritual connection built with her child lasts nine months and into motherhood, but the connection which is created during sex can only last as long as an orgasm.    No woman is satisfied completely without becoming a mother because her body craves that connection.  While biologically women are built for the motherhood experience, more importantly they are built energetically to have the spiritual connection of motherhood.  To deny motherhood would be to deny a profound spiritual connection.