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Carving a Path for Children to Reach Spiritual Ascension: Part One

Sexual energy is the most accessible type of etheric energy in humans.  This is shocking to people because “sex” is usually a term associated with sin or with perversion.  But sexual energy encompasses more than just the physical act; it’s a current that runs through us all.  Enlightened or not, any human can access this energy to manifest reality out of the energetic plane.  While a more enlightened group of people can use sexual energy to meditate or for magical rites to manifest their desires, many people utilize it every day to create the miracle of life.  It is the most available type of etheric energy to humans.

Being that it is so accessible, it is also sought after by external forces.  Institutions such as religion and media place imperatives and doctrines on sexual energy for control.  They manipulate the world’s sexual energy to propel their own goals.  Religion makes it a sin, and people then depend on the forgiveness of their god(s) or their church.  Many followers tag the egoic response of shame to sex.  Media depends on a perverted obsession of sexual energy, and its followers can only see sex as a physical act.  This creates a dependency of people on their institutions.  Their energy can then be used for the institutions’ needs.  If the institution wants war, better business, or popularity, they can channel this accessible energy.

But without these egoic influences on our sexual energy we could gain spiritual ascension.  Emotions that the institutions feed off would lose power, emotions like jealousy and hate.  Instead, a connection with one’s self would define our population.  And from that, our lives could connect through spiritual love.  We could begin to achieve spiritual ascension through the institution we have the most control: parenthood.  There is an opportunity in parenthood to teach children to be in control of their own sexual energy, and to raise new generations of people who can live without ego and without “mind”.

Parental repression is the first control we as children encounter.  This is because people, especially parents, perpetuate and pass on the behaviors they were taught.  It’s natural for a parent to teach his or her child what they know about the world.  Therefore, parents form our perception of sex and its meaning from the moment of our conception.  This leads us to the first stage of sexual repression.

A child is born into the energetic level of his or her parents.  Meaning, if two people connect sexually on the basis of anger, lust, or jealousy then the child will hold that energy.  They will be born with that tag of energy that then evolves into repression or an obstacle to overcome as they mature.  The best energy for a child to be born into is that of love.  In fact, the best way for people to connect sexually is through love because then a sexual act becomes a spiritual act.  Love is spiritual; it’s deeper than a physical and emotional connection.  And if a child is conceived in a spiritual sexual connection, then he or she will be born into that energy level.

The second stage of sexual repression starts when the child first encounters a parent’s egoic response to sexuality.  Parents are unafraid to be naked around their infant children.  But when the child innocently becomes aware of “bodies,” parents tend to cover up, even forbidding their child to ever see them naked again.  This type of repression teaches children that bodies are something to hide, even to be ashamed of.  At the same time, when children know they can’t have something, it intensifies their curiosity.  All of these factors combined create an obsessive and morphed view of sexuality.

Parents should let their children become acquainted with the human form in a natural way.  Just as children are curious about the alphabet and the noises animals make, they also want to learn about the human figure.  Parents tend to mistake their child’s natural curiosity for something sexual, ascribing their own egoic emotions to their children.  Letting children be naked in the house, as well as understanding their parents’ nudity helps to take away the need for sex in a physical way when the child does mature.  It leaves room for the spiritual sexual connection out of love and not lust.

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