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Carving a Path for Children to Reach Spiritual Ascension: Part 2

The third stage of parental repression begins when the child acquires sexual realization.  Though sexual growth is continual in a child, puberty is when the child realizes he or she is a sexual being: something most parents egoically challenge.   When a parent is in the grip of their Ego, they only know how to react to stimuli – typically in an aggressive (angry, panicked, fearful, etc) fashion.  When parents can only react to what they see in their children, more and more repression is forced on the child to hide his or her new sexual feelings.  Parents, consumed by ego, force their children to believe sex is wrong and sinful and shameful.  For example: a mother feels her 13 year-old son is getting to close to a girl at school and forbids him to see her.  She tells him, “You are too young to have a relationship like that, it’s wrong!”  It’s hard for her to see sexuality grow in her son, so she acts on her feelings of panic, trying to control what she thinks is an animalistic desire taking over her son instead of the energy.  And while she can try to suppress his sexual energy, he will find outher means of expressing it.  So instead of shunning your child’s growing energy, teach them ways to become in control of it.  Try opening a conversation with, “I know there are new energies that you are realizing, and though you aren’t ready to act physically on them, there are other ways to explore them.”  Teach your child why sexual energy is growing inside them and teach them meditation as an alternative to physical sex.  This way they will have a safe place to put their sexual energy without becoming ashamed of it or suppressing it.


The fourth stage of suppression is when the child perpetuates the suppression.  As a child grows into adulthood it will self-inflict the same egoic responses it’s parents expressed.  If a parent harshly punishes a child for having sex by making him feel ashamed or gulity, that punishment will grow within the child.  So when the child becomes an adult, he will then punish himself and become unable to ever enjoy a spiritual connection with a partner.  The punishment could then take the form of shame, self-loathing, or jealousy.  And the feelings could become so strong that the adult feels them all the time, not just when having sex, but constantly.  Sexual energy is so accessible that if negative feelings are tied to it, those feelings easily take over a person’s everyday behavior.


The fifth stage bring us back to the first: the child now an adult perpetuates his egoic baggage down to his own children.  Thus the circle continues.  But here is where it can also end.



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