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Bill Kirkland is a descendant of Arizona’s oldest pioneer family. After graduating with a degree in chemistry in 1969, he became a special agent in military intelligence, during the Vietnam conflict.

After leaving the service he became a stockbroker then investment advisor, retiring in 1992. Due to the extreme pressures of trading the securities markets, Bill found himself completely exhausted, characterized by severe headaches, high blood pressure and extreme lethargy. He spent the next 13 years unwinding the damage he had done to himself after a tension filled career. He was treated with a bio-resonance machine in 2002. The results were so profound that he bought a machine and began treating himself. Extensive research in the world of bio-resonance led him to start a clinic in 2006.

Following significant experimentation he developed, then perfected a machine that was able to send certain aspects of bio-resonance as distance energy. This energy had the effect of significantly reducing negative emotions. Bill has continued to perfect the machines he has produced leading to the distance energy signature that clients are receiving today. Bill has written two books: Power Cycles, a study of economic cycles through the history of the United States, and Tau Master, which chronicles the ascension of a Gnostic Christian adept.

He is currently completing Ouroboros, a novel concerning the conflict light and dark forces in the astral and spiritual dimensions.

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