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The rise in gold has caused quite the frenzy. It has been my professional experience that when investors are convinced that an Investment can grow only when the masses think gold can grow solely in one direction, there is about to be a change in direction.

What would cause it? …

Inflation or dollar deficit spending causes gold to go up. Debt collapse and government austerity can cause it to go down. Tea Party austerity measures will have a big influence in congress. Austerity is the death knell of gold and silver. I recommended silver at $12/oz and it’s now over $25. I suggest astute investors begin to lighten up on or eliminate silver and gold. After government austerity will be a continuation in the debt collapse caused by housing. The inventory must be eliminated before loans can be made again. The Austrian economists in the Tea Party are determined to purge the system of debt. The debt collapse is bad for gold and silver. The most favorable investment after the debt collapse and austerity measures will be in stocks.

Stocks are a long forgotten investment now but may be #1 in the 2010’s. It’s suggested to wait, hold out for a while, Be smart, and watch what happens closely. The Prime example why, remember two words “Real Estate” the clan motto runs true “Never Forget”.


Suggested publication to read: Power Cycles by William and Doug Kirkland.

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