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Periphery vs. Center

There is a feeling people falsely induce within themselves to reach present”ness”.  It’s the feeling thrill seekers get when they race cars or bungee jump.  It’s the feeling a victim feels when being chased while running for survival.  The feeling I’m referring to is what thrill seekers call “being alive” and victims call “flight response”: acting from within your center.  Many people do not know that there is such a place to act from, but subconsciously they feel the difference between acting from their center and acting from what’s called the periphery.


Think of center and periphery as two circles.  The outer circle is the periphery and the circle within the periphery is the center.  Most people live on the periphery, which is to say they live through reactions.  If a person cuts you off in traffic, nearly hitting you, what do you feel and how do you respond?  Do you feel anger, trespassed against, or vengeful?  Your reactions that follow: cursing, tailgating, light flashing, or even retelling the story to a friend, come from the negative emotions you feel and are reactionary – a response to outside stimuli.  This is living on the periphery and being a slave to circumstance.


Think back to the driver who cut you off or to whatever situation that last made you feel a negative emotion.  Can you still conjure up the negative emotion?  Would you still justify your reaction?  If so, you are allowing yourself to indentify with the negativity, even becoming it.  And that’s how people get stuck on the periphery.


So how do you live from your center?  It takes time and practice.   Next time you feel a negative emotion, meditate before you react.  For example, if someone cuts you off in traffic and anger washes over you, instead of reacting by flashing your lights or yelling, take a moment to acknowledge the anger.  Maybe you tell yourself “If I act out now, I will only be acting from my periphery.  This feeling is anger, but I am not anger.”  From there, letting go of negativity becomes easier.  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t meditate or realize you acted out of anger after the fact.  This training of mindfulness takes time because up until this point, you’ve been acting on the periphery your whole life, and retraining your brain won’t happen over night.


But though the focus of this post has been about not reacting to negative emotions, this process will eventually lead you to stop reacting to a multitude of emotions.  Happiness, excitement, jealousy, fear.  You’ll find that reactions will be dropped and finally you’ll be able to act from your center by living life through actions not reactions.


If you have any questions on this process, please leave a comment.

Carving a Path for Children to Reach Spiritual Ascension: Part 2

The third stage of parental repression begins when the child acquires sexual realization.  Though sexual growth is continual in a child, puberty is when the child realizes he or she is a sexual being: something most parents egoically challenge.   When a parent is in the grip of their Ego, they only know how to react to stimuli – typically in an aggressive (angry, panicked, fearful, etc) fashion.  When parents can only react to what they see in their children, more and more repression is forced on the child to hide his or her new sexual feelings.  Parents, consumed by ego, force their children to believe sex is wrong and sinful and shameful.  For example: a mother feels her 13 year-old son is getting to close to a girl at school and forbids him to see her.  She tells him, “You are too young to have a relationship like that, it’s wrong!”  It’s hard for her to see sexuality grow in her son, so she acts on her feelings of panic, trying to control what she thinks is an animalistic desire taking over her son instead of the energy.  And while she can try to suppress his sexual energy, he will find outher means of expressing it.  So instead of shunning your child’s growing energy, teach them ways to become in control of it.  Try opening a conversation with, “I know there are new energies that you are realizing, and though you aren’t ready to act physically on them, there are other ways to explore them.”  Teach your child why sexual energy is growing inside them and teach them meditation as an alternative to physical sex.  This way they will have a safe place to put their sexual energy without becoming ashamed of it or suppressing it.


The fourth stage of suppression is when the child perpetuates the suppression.  As a child grows into adulthood it will self-inflict the same egoic responses it’s parents expressed.  If a parent harshly punishes a child for having sex by making him feel ashamed or gulity, that punishment will grow within the child.  So when the child becomes an adult, he will then punish himself and become unable to ever enjoy a spiritual connection with a partner.  The punishment could then take the form of shame, self-loathing, or jealousy.  And the feelings could become so strong that the adult feels them all the time, not just when having sex, but constantly.  Sexual energy is so accessible that if negative feelings are tied to it, those feelings easily take over a person’s everyday behavior.


The fifth stage bring us back to the first: the child now an adult perpetuates his egoic baggage down to his own children.  Thus the circle continues.  But here is where it can also end.



Carving a Path for Children to Reach Spiritual Ascension: Part One

Sexual energy is the most accessible type of etheric energy in humans.  This is shocking to people because “sex” is usually a term associated with sin or with perversion.  But sexual energy encompasses more than just the physical act; it’s a current that runs through us all.  Enlightened or not, any human can access this energy to manifest reality out of the energetic plane.  While a more enlightened group of people can use sexual energy to meditate or for magical rites to manifest their desires, many people utilize it every day to create the miracle of life.  It is the most available type of etheric energy to humans.

Being that it is so accessible, it is also sought after by external forces.  Institutions such as religion and media place imperatives and doctrines on sexual energy for control.  They manipulate the world’s sexual energy to propel their own goals.  Religion makes it a sin, and people then depend on the forgiveness of their god(s) or their church.  Many followers tag the egoic response of shame to sex.  Media depends on a perverted obsession of sexual energy, and its followers can only see sex as a physical act.  This creates a dependency of people on their institutions.  Their energy can then be used for the institutions’ needs.  If the institution wants war, better business, or popularity, they can channel this accessible energy.

But without these egoic influences on our sexual energy we could gain spiritual ascension.  Emotions that the institutions feed off would lose power, emotions like jealousy and hate.  Instead, a connection with one’s self would define our population.  And from that, our lives could connect through spiritual love.  We could begin to achieve spiritual ascension through the institution we have the most control: parenthood.  There is an opportunity in parenthood to teach children to be in control of their own sexual energy, and to raise new generations of people who can live without ego and without “mind”.

Parental repression is the first control we as children encounter.  This is because people, especially parents, perpetuate and pass on the behaviors they were taught.  It’s natural for a parent to teach his or her child what they know about the world.  Therefore, parents form our perception of sex and its meaning from the moment of our conception.  This leads us to the first stage of sexual repression.

A child is born into the energetic level of his or her parents.  Meaning, if two people connect sexually on the basis of anger, lust, or jealousy then the child will hold that energy.  They will be born with that tag of energy that then evolves into repression or an obstacle to overcome as they mature.  The best energy for a child to be born into is that of love.  In fact, the best way for people to connect sexually is through love because then a sexual act becomes a spiritual act.  Love is spiritual; it’s deeper than a physical and emotional connection.  And if a child is conceived in a spiritual sexual connection, then he or she will be born into that energy level.

The second stage of sexual repression starts when the child first encounters a parent’s egoic response to sexuality.  Parents are unafraid to be naked around their infant children.  But when the child innocently becomes aware of “bodies,” parents tend to cover up, even forbidding their child to ever see them naked again.  This type of repression teaches children that bodies are something to hide, even to be ashamed of.  At the same time, when children know they can’t have something, it intensifies their curiosity.  All of these factors combined create an obsessive and morphed view of sexuality.

Parents should let their children become acquainted with the human form in a natural way.  Just as children are curious about the alphabet and the noises animals make, they also want to learn about the human figure.  Parents tend to mistake their child’s natural curiosity for something sexual, ascribing their own egoic emotions to their children.  Letting children be naked in the house, as well as understanding their parents’ nudity helps to take away the need for sex in a physical way when the child does mature.  It leaves room for the spiritual sexual connection out of love and not lust.

A Sexual Contradiction

It seems the new trend among women is to wait to have children until they are well into their thirties or even their early forties and that’s if they decide to have children at all.  They fear the term motherhood because to them it means “repression”.  After centuries of hiding their sexual beings, today’s generation of women gained many sexual freedoms.  Now they can freely have sex to experience the egolessness or meditation of an orgasm along with a spiritual connection with a partner.  The need for this type of sexual experience is natural for women, but using it as a way to avoid motherhood is not natural.

Before motherhood, women are able to control when they want to be sexual. But after becoming a mother, starting when the baby is in the womb, a woman’s need for sex diminishes, which in itself is a “scary” concept.  What is incomprehensible to a woman without a child is the spiritual connection she’s missing.  A mother’s connection with her child surpasses that which she attains with a man during sex.  This is because the spiritual connection built with her child lasts nine months and into motherhood, but the connection which is created during sex can only last as long as an orgasm.    No woman is satisfied completely without becoming a mother because her body craves that connection.  While biologically women are built for the motherhood experience, more importantly they are built energetically to have the spiritual connection of motherhood.  To deny motherhood would be to deny a profound spiritual connection.

Chronic Pain & The Psychological Implications | An Alternative to Pain

Pain is a fascinating subject, especially muscle pain. Chronic pain almost always has psychological implications. Outside of injury most neck pain is caused by jaw clenching. The jaw muscles create and record tension produced in everyday life every slight, fear, anger episode causes the jaw to clench which is then recorded in the muscles of the neck, head, upper back, chest as time passes this tension is transferred to the abdominal muscles and through them to the hips and legs. All are connected. Once the tension has been stored it can be removed by meditation, massage, Acupuncture, etc. The removal produces a sort of Déjà vu. When the tension is removed emotions that caused them are often relieved. So there is a psychological component of therapy as well. The commonality of muscle tension and the emotions that caused it is negativity. When this is removed from the system, pain dissolves.

A by-product of aging is tension overload caused by increasingly spasmodic muscles. We have all seen older men and women bent over with tension with person, more advanced in age the tension overload and pain from the muscle spasm by product so great that the brain gives up and they cease to live a “quality of life”. Pain overload can be stopped and reversed especially by using the tension reducing aspects of our machines. Our machines Radionically bathe the aura in powerful tension reducing energy. It has to be felt to be believed. For more information and an alternative to this very common problem and biological progression please visit Contact Bill Kirkland for more information and to start living that quality of life you truly deserve.



The World of Tachyons

The world of Tachyons is one outside the four dimensions of length, width, height, and time that we have come to experience. As theoretical physicists now know, our world may be made up of as many as 12 dimensions, each contributing to our physical world. Ultra-dimensional worlds are hyper-energetic containing one billion times the energy of our  world. This is tachyon space.

In “Tachyon Space” the speed of light is many times faster than our speed of light making communication there “instantaneous” anywhere! Fact is we are affected by hyper-dimensional reality constantly but by its very nature it cannot quite reach our world prayer for example. There are many others and in time will be addressed. The barriers of hyper-dimensionality is our 4 dimensional construct. There are however objects we can make that create these effects.

The quarks in the protons of silicon dioxide(glass) can be excited to radiate tachyon energy in this plane. The effects are profound. If you hold our Tachyonized Disc you simply can’t have a negative emotion. It’s true. In water it produces an elixir that immediately energizes the entire body. Worn over the 3rd eye, it helps block electromagnetic radiation from computers, etc. worn on the body it continually energizes it. I personally wear 13 and although it has taken me quite awhile to handle this level of stimulation the profound effects have been astounding. To find out more about Tachyonized discs contact


Machine Energy

There are many types of healing. In the case of modern medical surgeries the disease or condition is excised from the body. Synthetic Drugs work on the autonomic nervous system and molecular levels in an attempt to block and counter these conditions or theorized diseases.

Acupuncture unlocks energy pathways to energize tissue via homeoprophylaxis , and gem elixirs change the energetic components of liquid water crystals in the body. The “Arrays” act as chemical and energy “surrogates”.

Auric healing is quite different until now it was the realm of Reiki and prayer. Here formative energies are altered outside the body. Now with our Bio-Etheric Machines, the “Auric Structure” is made healthy in true healing and extraordinarily powerful.

This power parallels the effects of spirituality.  It is well-known in electronic medicine that increasing Aura Energy and removing aberrant frequencies can significantly improve health; what is not well-known is that removing negativity is the true path to ascension.

When one is on The Machine it is exceedingly difficult to have negative emotions. One can’t have negative emotions on the machine because they are cleared Radionically by the massive power of the machines. Mental speed moves from slow intellectualism to lightning fast intuitiveness. The experience is as though “answers” are virtually fed to you without effort . You will notice people struggle with emotional swings, confusion and other forms of “low energy” states.  You will begin to realize that human superiority in all forms is about superior energetic level. Nothing can produce this super natural state like our Machines.

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The New Revolution…

We now have the rot of socialism destroying all incentive to save, build and create. We are living off savings of the “past”. We have told our women they can make it on their own and now they are in poverty many living off welfare, and other assistance based programs. So called “reality shows“, and the media convince the public our former male head of households are oversexed, brutal and ignorant. At some point, they actually start believing it’s true! Society has created this delusional portrait of modern men. They are trying desperately to be better fathers, better mentors, better partners, better communicators and simply trying to be what nature intended them to be as “leaders” and the solid foundations in which our future generations will grow from and continue that sense of “well being” and “strength”. Keeping, and Protecting  the very foundation of freedom and vision it was meant to be.

Children are consistently being rapped of  an quality education by inferior by teachers (or worse, ones that teach not because they “want” to, but because it was the quickest way to a paycheck) that will do anything to keep even the worst students in the classroom. Why? To Satisfy a state mandated curriculum, focusing on making the “bare” minimum in standardized test scores. To keep those government funds coming in to pay for everything but the almost phased out Arts, Sciences, Music and now even Athletics, which is always a hit when kids start acting out violently at home or in public for no apparent reason. Forcing unwarranted medical diagnoses like ADHD, Bi-Polar to name a couple. These kids are not being fed quality fuel, instead they are fed pre-packaged, preservatives, with high sucrose and more. They are living off sugar, and forced into classes that after those sugar highs drop so does the attention span.

Many don’t have a physical education class anymore, or after school athletic program to keep a healthy metabolism and oxygen flowing for home work later and for sound sleep in the evenings.  There’s even a brand new title now for what the government has created over the years, passing FDA approved products and allowing others to slip in without proper testing for the real effects these so called approved fuels (foods) really cause. Metabolic Syndrome is the new name. Children and adults are not morbidly obese anymore, they now have a medical terminology that insurance companies cringe at in a board room, because not only is it a reality but it’s costing privatized insurers to pay inflated rates, but more so the governments Medicare and Medicaid coverage’s are rising at epic rates, the highest recorded in history because of poor planning, lack of vision, lack of understanding, or perhaps…simply not understanding the human constitution anymore than the one our nation was founded on.

Top students are now being home schooled or going to charter schools, all of which they pay for in addition to public school taxes. How bad does it have to get for you to take “responsibility” and  vote against the very politicians  who have sanctioned all this? The revolution started on November 2, 2010,  if it continues there “might” be hope. If it doesn’t the road to a Marxist disaster is guaranteed to ruin the largest nation in power.

I urge you not to listen to the bottom feeders on network news and media. They are bought and paid for (oddly enough by political funding, the very funds you may have donated to your party in hopes of “Change”). Listen to your selves and your common sense.

Let me ask you something fellow Americans. How’s big brother treating you and your family now?


For more about Bill Kirkland please visit the about page here on his blog or better yet, You’ll find more on his history and his professional background.

A Veterans Day post… by Bill Kirkland

It’s a little below freezing in Prescott, Arizona this morning. The trees have dropped their leaves. I’m at the raven cafe,  listening to a war protest song of the 60’s. It remarkable you know how it’s always the same. The government ignores protests and does what it does, a perpetual “déjà vu” of sorts. Our kids have grown up and have quit protesting since they’re no longer of draft age and have come to the realization that protests are futile. As they age, the protests become about taxes, encroaching socialism, etc. all of which is again seemingly “ignored” by our government.

The one constant in all this not so psychedelic morphing is that the government continues to do what it wants. The government “we” put into power by way of election. It talks about patriotism to justify young men killing in countries in hopes of defending the rights of those who aren’t even Americans. We’ve lost thousands of our young men and women to defend the rights of those who still don’t “get it” after thousands of years in fighting a war that will never end. Our government talks about “social responsibility” to justify a worthless education provided by teachers unions. Why?

The government invokes so called patriotism while it peddles “virtual pork” to grasping constituents. Now we are at a crossroads, and the government can no longer spend at the rate it has in the past. What we have now are forced cut-backs in the very departments that need more funding and support rather than being completely un-supported and fund-less. The long arm ObamaMarxist rule” has made it all too obvious the ruling classes have gone so far to have “planned” that our government would still be able to sell off our gold, mineral rights, forests, etc to continue its profligate ways or we can stop it. Every prosperous country is turning covetous eyes to our assets and our unassailable geographic position. The communities like the one I live in “dot” the “T” in our country and contain many of our most precious assets. Let’s keep them that way. Why don’t we, in this holiday season “remember” what made this country great and take it back…


Note: from a contributing editor:

A little about Bill Kirkland: Bill Kirkland is a descendant of Arizona’s oldest pioneer family. After graduating with a degree in chemistry in 1969, he became a special agent in military intelligence, during the Vietnam conflict.

You can read more about him on the “About” page of his WordPress blog & even more on his website We feel once you get to know this amazing man, you will want to read more of his life and more so on how to appreciate each day you have the opportunity to “Experience”. He’s more than just a guy with a dream – His vision is now a reality. Join us in following his daily musings and more. When you’re ready to learn more he is available for some engaging conversation that “will” change your life forever and sometimes even “save” it.

Soul Man

A quick post on Ascension…

Misery is caused by deviating from the path of ascension and is always emotion based. It casts your eyes down into the muck. In order to raise your eyes heavenward you must ignore the emotional hell of the physical plane and look for eternal truth. Eternal truth comes in two forms, humility and love. Humility produces a low ego state which allows one to sense God. Love is the inevitable byproduct of this realization. It comes in many forms but one is selflessness. This is what God does. The selflessness of God is that we are all he does. The universe caters to our existence and ascension. Ascension energy creates and sustains the evolution of the universe. The ascension process is the exaltation of divinity.

The machine energy greatly assists this process and is now essential for man’s ascension.

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Consider this…

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How to “Survive” Negative Emotions & Start Living

Today jobs seem to disappear for no reason causing great anxiety especially among those who are working hard for their future. How does one cope? We are in a depression; proven by unemployment among non-government workers. This rate could be as high as 30%. How does one cope? Again, how does one cope?

Negative pressure from present employment, from the environment, and yes even our own families. Most days it all seems o.k, then suddenly it’s no longer “o.k”. Is there an “answer”? …

The first thing to remember about this depression is that your plight is not “unique”, everyone is learning to cope in their own way, some try and successfully do re-educate themselves, some try to cut back expenses and entertainment, some leave their spouses, some breakdown and get on government assistance, the list goes on.

Not exactly all “The” answer to any of the true “nature” of these issues and or problems.

The most important thing you can do in a seemingly “emotional” environment like this is not to have or hold “negative” emotions. Some of these irrational thoughts and practices are in the form of anger, fear, victimization, and destructive projections of one’s own reality to others.

You can beat the competition and yourself by removing fear from your reality.

We have a proven and highly effective technology based product that can do just that, instantly!

The machine energy discs raise your “aura energy” literally elevating you above destructive emotionality and putting you in the world for rational thought and productivity. When used as an elixir in everyday tap “water”, it produces “Liquid Energy”; the more you drink the more powerful you feel.

The positive “I CAN DO” becomes common thought and replaces doubt and all previous negative thought patterns and hesitation of true performance.

There are so many uses for these highly powerful discs that the technology can’t possibly be explained or described in a simple blog. There are simply “no” competitors at this power level.

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Introduction to Tau Master by Bill Kirkland

Tau Master chronicles the ascension of a young adept to a spiritual master of the highest order. He is initially assisted by spiritual beings found in the Gothic and Romanesque cathedrals of northern Spain and France with a final attune-ment at Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh. He is then raised to one of the highest spiritual levels ever reached by mankind through the use of modern technology. With his new mastery, he attains the pinnacle of financial power through an ancient organization, the Knights Templar, which had gone underground from the 1300’s but has remained one of the most pervasive secret forces in modern society. With their help and through the assistance of other adepts, he attempts to avert nuclear war between two superpowers by utilizing modern alchemy and his own overwhelming spiritual powers.

Available at

By Author: Bill Kirkland

Tau Master By Bill Kirkland

An Economic View…

The explosion in the precious metals today should be viewed with caution. What we have is either exuberance over the demise of the obama power play, or an unrealistic assumption of the rate of inflation. If the tea party gains influence this will be a huge damper on the rate of inflation. This does not bode well for gold but might be okay for other commodities if industrial production picks up.

The stock market is so depressed currently that it is likely to be stronger than commodities if the conservative trend continues. This will be very powerful for stocks since a weakening of the obama grip means lower taxes and less intrusion in the private sector.

What is shaping up then is a secular Bull Market in stocks. The gold stock cycle now favors stocks significantly. Usually in situations like this it is better to find the blue chips for initial investment.

Later one can choose the secondary and tertiary issues. The key now is to watch if the breakout is sustained. Take a small initial position if you want but buy bigger on a reaction to this first jump. The big boys are watching this very closely. They love breakouts to new highs. Many of their timing mechanisms key on this. Put a stop at the bottom of two bars back on all purchases and good luck.


For more on economics and a detailed insight to “How It Works” Power Cycles has just been released in e-book form. Available here: (Located in the Etheric Shop) Hard Cover is also available in limited quantities.

And I can “see” now…

I walk the square now, the raindrops pitter patter, some from my eyes now, but it doesn’t matter; I had to watch a little tragedy.

It can happen, when two lives intermingle, pulls the heartstrings, until a single tear is formed, then others come from me.

It’s when love blooms and you feel the magic, that the heart can be squeezed. It can be tragic;

Then, you raise your eyes for comfort please.

…and it comes in a soft cascade, finding this comfort saves a fool like me.

…and I can see now, so poorly at the first, that it’s a blessing that it’s not the worst thing that could befall a simple wretch like me.

I will endure now, all sadness overtaken, stand above the godforsaken trembling gnashing thing that I can be.

The sun’s come out now, and the rain is stopping.  All will be well now and my heart is pumping.

A little stumble in the road of life for me. I see the answer, it was right there before me.

Can’t wait to tell her and give her our release.