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Periphery vs. Center

There is a feeling people falsely induce within themselves to reach present”ness”.  It’s the feeling thrill seekers get when they race cars or bungee jump.  It’s the feeling a victim feels when being chased while running for survival.  The feeling I’m referring to is what thrill seekers call “being alive” and victims call “flight response”: acting from within your center.  Many people do not know that there is such a place to act from, but subconsciously they feel the difference between acting from their center and acting from what’s called the periphery.


Think of center and periphery as two circles.  The outer circle is the periphery and the circle within the periphery is the center.  Most people live on the periphery, which is to say they live through reactions.  If a person cuts you off in traffic, nearly hitting you, what do you feel and how do you respond?  Do you feel anger, trespassed against, or vengeful?  Your reactions that follow: cursing, tailgating, light flashing, or even retelling the story to a friend, come from the negative emotions you feel and are reactionary – a response to outside stimuli.  This is living on the periphery and being a slave to circumstance.


Think back to the driver who cut you off or to whatever situation that last made you feel a negative emotion.  Can you still conjure up the negative emotion?  Would you still justify your reaction?  If so, you are allowing yourself to indentify with the negativity, even becoming it.  And that’s how people get stuck on the periphery.


So how do you live from your center?  It takes time and practice.   Next time you feel a negative emotion, meditate before you react.  For example, if someone cuts you off in traffic and anger washes over you, instead of reacting by flashing your lights or yelling, take a moment to acknowledge the anger.  Maybe you tell yourself “If I act out now, I will only be acting from my periphery.  This feeling is anger, but I am not anger.”  From there, letting go of negativity becomes easier.  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t meditate or realize you acted out of anger after the fact.  This training of mindfulness takes time because up until this point, you’ve been acting on the periphery your whole life, and retraining your brain won’t happen over night.


But though the focus of this post has been about not reacting to negative emotions, this process will eventually lead you to stop reacting to a multitude of emotions.  Happiness, excitement, jealousy, fear.  You’ll find that reactions will be dropped and finally you’ll be able to act from your center by living life through actions not reactions.


If you have any questions on this process, please leave a comment.


Chronic Pain & The Psychological Implications | An Alternative to Pain

Pain is a fascinating subject, especially muscle pain. Chronic pain almost always has psychological implications. Outside of injury most neck pain is caused by jaw clenching. The jaw muscles create and record tension produced in everyday life every slight, fear, anger episode causes the jaw to clench which is then recorded in the muscles of the neck, head, upper back, chest as time passes this tension is transferred to the abdominal muscles and through them to the hips and legs. All are connected. Once the tension has been stored it can be removed by meditation, massage, Acupuncture, etc. The removal produces a sort of Déjà vu. When the tension is removed emotions that caused them are often relieved. So there is a psychological component of therapy as well. The commonality of muscle tension and the emotions that caused it is negativity. When this is removed from the system, pain dissolves.

A by-product of aging is tension overload caused by increasingly spasmodic muscles. We have all seen older men and women bent over with tension with person, more advanced in age the tension overload and pain from the muscle spasm by product so great that the brain gives up and they cease to live a “quality of life”. Pain overload can be stopped and reversed especially by using the tension reducing aspects of our machines. Our machines Radionically bathe the aura in powerful tension reducing energy. It has to be felt to be believed. For more information and an alternative to this very common problem and biological progression please visit Contact Bill Kirkland for more information and to start living that quality of life you truly deserve.



The World of Tachyons

The world of Tachyons is one outside the four dimensions of length, width, height, and time that we have come to experience. As theoretical physicists now know, our world may be made up of as many as 12 dimensions, each contributing to our physical world. Ultra-dimensional worlds are hyper-energetic containing one billion times the energy of our  world. This is tachyon space.

In “Tachyon Space” the speed of light is many times faster than our speed of light making communication there “instantaneous” anywhere! Fact is we are affected by hyper-dimensional reality constantly but by its very nature it cannot quite reach our world prayer for example. There are many others and in time will be addressed. The barriers of hyper-dimensionality is our 4 dimensional construct. There are however objects we can make that create these effects.

The quarks in the protons of silicon dioxide(glass) can be excited to radiate tachyon energy in this plane. The effects are profound. If you hold our Tachyonized Disc you simply can’t have a negative emotion. It’s true. In water it produces an elixir that immediately energizes the entire body. Worn over the 3rd eye, it helps block electromagnetic radiation from computers, etc. worn on the body it continually energizes it. I personally wear 13 and although it has taken me quite awhile to handle this level of stimulation the profound effects have been astounding. To find out more about Tachyonized discs contact


How to “Survive” Negative Emotions & Start Living

Today jobs seem to disappear for no reason causing great anxiety especially among those who are working hard for their future. How does one cope? We are in a depression; proven by unemployment among non-government workers. This rate could be as high as 30%. How does one cope? Again, how does one cope?

Negative pressure from present employment, from the environment, and yes even our own families. Most days it all seems o.k, then suddenly it’s no longer “o.k”. Is there an “answer”? …

The first thing to remember about this depression is that your plight is not “unique”, everyone is learning to cope in their own way, some try and successfully do re-educate themselves, some try to cut back expenses and entertainment, some leave their spouses, some breakdown and get on government assistance, the list goes on.

Not exactly all “The” answer to any of the true “nature” of these issues and or problems.

The most important thing you can do in a seemingly “emotional” environment like this is not to have or hold “negative” emotions. Some of these irrational thoughts and practices are in the form of anger, fear, victimization, and destructive projections of one’s own reality to others.

You can beat the competition and yourself by removing fear from your reality.

We have a proven and highly effective technology based product that can do just that, instantly!

The machine energy discs raise your “aura energy” literally elevating you above destructive emotionality and putting you in the world for rational thought and productivity. When used as an elixir in everyday tap “water”, it produces “Liquid Energy”; the more you drink the more powerful you feel.

The positive “I CAN DO” becomes common thought and replaces doubt and all previous negative thought patterns and hesitation of true performance.

There are so many uses for these highly powerful discs that the technology can’t possibly be explained or described in a simple blog. There are simply “no” competitors at this power level.

Would you like to experience our energy discs? Or if you have further questions for me I would be happy to answer them. Please use our freshly pressed website for purchasing a disk or exploring the new Etheric Gear Shop for some amazing new products offered in addition to our normally stocked items. Here you will get more information and what they look like.