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Sports Recovery & Machine Energy

One of the most interesting aspects of machine energy has been the continual increase in muscle mass. Since I have been on them I have experienced significant muscle mass increase and profound focus to say the least. When I started I was 6’3″ and about 240 lbs. I was strong but not really “solid”. The machine energy initially dropped me into the 235 lb range, but I could literally “feel” the muscle mass start to tighten up. About six months ago, inspired by the great Gama workout I started doing squats. Initially it was a very painful beginning. I was able to reach 300 of these athletic squats in about two months. This would have been impossible without machine energy.

Recovery was slow taking almost a week before I could do 300 reps again. In six months I am still doing 300 reps, but recovery is three days. Along with this I have added Brazillian Jiu Jitsu to my weekly workouts. This is very difficult and challenging training. Since then I have decided to focus towards a heavyweight status as a goal. It seemed rationally “useful” to increase LBM (Lean Body Mass). I now weigh 263 lbs. with an ultimate goal of around 280-300. My diet has been significantly modified as well, which focuses on elemental protein and 1 meal a day of live fuel (Balanced Meal). My LBM has quickly amplified and noticeably defined. I can feel this overpowering ability sustain and continually build on this new found and incredible physical fitness. This is one example of the power of Machine Energy. Another useful result of this energy is excess body fat reduction. It is scientifically amazing what increased energy in the aura can accomplish. For more information visit



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