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A Journey “Well Worth Undertaking”…

Presently, the government is a vast colossus taking huge amounts of wealth, it’s power almost completely unchecked. When the constitution was written, we were an agrarian society. the government was used to regulate trade maintain some homogeneity.

Now run by individuals of the “public sector”, many of whom have never met a payroll and have only a distant sense of capitalism, Not to mention created nothing except possibly another addition to the bureaucracy.

The sons and daughters of career politicians only visit their own state. They don’t know it. They do know Washington, D.C. This is where these career politicians live and breathe, taking bigger chunks out of the host and spreading the largess. If this trend continues, we will no longer have a country, we will have an overrun “Bureaucratic Company” 25% as efficient as its capitalist antecedents.

Human creativity, accessibility of information, productivity will all be effected by the metastasizing monolith of government. In this election it has become patently clear that all I have said is true, and this is where it can stop. The “Tea Party” is the start.

The Tea Party represents both parties, not the parasites that have been destroying America out of their own ignorance. This is a crossroads. A return to Capitalism may require hard times but it is a journey well worth undertaking.

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The Battle Rages Between “Ego” and The Machine…

People get on The Machine and they feel so good they believe their troubles are over, this can be true but is often not the case. The Machine begins the eternal Battle or War with the ego, a war that it cannot win but through old habit patterns and fears it tries to launch a perpetual, dark re-birth like the firebird or “Phoenix”  in a sense.

The ego tries to separate the client from the machine that is destroying it. Anger and frustration are some of the tools it uses by producing highly emotional responses.

The ego tries to reassert its dominance of the host. This can cause a sort of “stalemate” for a time. As the battle rages between Ego and The Machine I can only observe and encourage. I know the battle well and have extra tools to assist.

In the final analysis however, only the client can produce the courage to rest their soul from the clutches of “Egoic Control”.

The triumph over ego is produced by massive machine energy and the will to succeed. It takes true humility to triumph. I have seen clients emerge from the true pits of hell. each step forward accompanied by a half step back as war is waged to start the extrication process.

For many the machine is not only the last chance but the only chance; the bedrock on which all progress is built. This is the world and or physical plane from which we extricate ourselves. You have met the enemy…, an old friend, satan, demons, and evil all are low energy beings created by Ego. If you want to know why life is unfair, filled with those individuals deemed cowardice, selfish or with moral depravity  which cause you strife and unrest, very simply put “The mirror is in the bathroom”. Are you content with antidepressants as a way of life and living? The sad truth is… you’re living a psychological lie that is a one way ticket to misery. Those things are “not” the solution, they do “mask” the very deep rooted and timeless battle of the ages.

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Example of “Egoic” Control & The Solution

Most people spend a lifetime trying to find out “who” they really are. How can they? A Fear based society forces them into “egoic” control. The fear engendered by society warps the individual into the crowd “mentality” which is at a low energy level, producing nothing. For example : Look at the nations election process. Every two years people are lied to ( i.e. given empty promises, fictional, unrealistic visions for change) by politicians; Yet there is a majority acceptance somehow that justifies their election when the government progressively turns “corrupt”. The Majority then “reactively” and “Emotionally” as an unhappy and extremely “unsatisfied mass” throws them out, calls for resignation(s), and ultimate impeachment “on part” prevails.

What are they getting for their votes? The Majority is clueless, lurking from one supposed remedy to the next, devoid of critical thinking. A little research about economics would make better voters, but the Majority never contemplates this. It’s beyond the intellectual scope. So, the Majority will always be “whipped” this way and that, perpetually emotional, fearful, irrational and angry. For a “few” there is a “way out”. They study economics, science, politics and learn to vote intelligently about their future, but still there is this “oppression” of the Majority. The blinking of an eye, T.V., the blaring voice of radio “opinions”; All “warped” critical thinking. How do they escape? How do you escape? How will generations to come “escape” the mistakes of their forefathers?

The “Machine” removes negativity leaving one in a warm cocoon of tranquility and peace, allowing unbiased “positive” input in decisions. The effect is almost instantaneous and profound. Because we are so confident in this technology we are offering what no one else would, you can “experience”

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Power of Homopathic Water

About a year ago I decided to make homeopathic preparations of historical spiritual figures and sample the water.
the names John The Baptist, Ghandi, Zoroaster, Jesus, Buddha were all prepared “homeopathically” and sampled. I also included Satan. Interestingly enough , the historical spiritual names all gave a signature except Satan, when I took Satan drops I got no response. I can only conclude three things from this: 1. I was Satan and so could not sense myself. 2.There is no Satan. 3.Satan is a creation of ego. If I was Satan I am unaware of it, so that leaves us with 1. Not Satan or 2. Satan expressed through ego. I chose the latter. That means fear, anguish, suffering of all kinds, anger, envy, etc. are all created by the human ego and can be dealt with easily.

Negative emotions are caused by low energy states. Ego picks up the energy state of the individual and creates that reality. Ego creates through dreams, called “The Perception Of Reality” meaning all that we see and know raise the energy and better the dreams. Dreams are the creations of the energetic state; with the help of my machines I literally make Highly Energized Positive Dreams including the Positive Reality.

If you would like to have and experience  “Positive Energetic States” almost unimaginable

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Bio-Etherics vs. Power of Attraction…

Have you ever noticed that “manifesting” is a “useless” egoic exercise and truly unsustainable? If so, you’re right. If not, read on…

Have you noticed that the “power of attraction” is a futile exercise with self hypnosis? If so, you’re right. If not, read on…

Why don’t these highly touted exercises like “power of attraction” and “law of attraction” so popular just a few years ago work?

The fact is, nothing works when you try to create your own reality. It’s like saying “Who do you think you are, God”?

Accept reality as it is. Take quality time, and look for the blessings that truly abound.

All reality is loaded with beautiful positive blessings, “if” you can remove the negativity in your aura to actually see them.

So the idea is, “not to use useless things like the power of attraction or manifesting and simply cleanup your own perception of reality.

Once the negative filters of the physical plane have been removed, one becomes ultimately aware of only the beauty, and blessings of God’s reality. Gratitude is realized as you sense these blessings being showered on you by Divinity. Gratitude with Humility understood and realized instantly.

True, it’s not easy to remove the massive negativity of the Hell called the physical plane. Enter in

the power of Bio-Etherics.

The machines provide that way. The machine energy literally explodes all negativity from the aura over time leaving only bright clean filters with which to navigate God’s reality.

We invite you to try this “Aura Cleaner” now. A new life and powerful awareness await you.

Are you ready to experience this new life? Please contact us via our website or if you’re interested in setting up a private consultation with Bill Kirkland himself.


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Levels of “Ascendancy”

The world of the occult is foremost the world of strangeness and darkness to most people. I really mean thinking outside normalcy. In a way this tradition began with the church’s attempt to squelch any doctrine but its own; An attempt to control for power.

Now mankind is becoming more enlightened, instead of a strict adherence to doctrine, man is willing to begin to look outside the box. When one looks outside the box we often see more of the same, more doctrine in different packages; All looking to rigidly control. If you want to be part of the organization you must adhere to its tenets which are restrictive and in the end stultifying.

Interestingly enough, all advanced belief systems have an “exoteric” side and an esoteric side; One that has fixed rules and one that does not. The ten commandments are “exoteric” rules, telling believers what and what not to do. the esoteric equivalent: Love others as I loved you. One was spoken by God to Moses and one through an ascended being, Jesus. Note the difference in softness and insight.

As one ascends, the outlook on the world becomes more Jesus like. It is soft with many gossamer barriers more easily transcended. These levels cannot be reached by any but the most energetically and spiritually powerful people. That is, until the machine. Now a far larger group of human beings can transcend the levels of “ascendancy”, effortlessly. One day you may want to know how…

~Bill Kirkland

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Where does reality come from?


Author Bill Kirkland

Tau Master


Tau Master

It comes from dreams…

Yesterday morning a client came in with an observation: “Bill I’ve noticed that as my aura keeps clearing negativity things get closer.”

They get closer because in the end we are all part of one. All reality is part of that same one. We are matrix energy manifestations as energy enters from zero point it congeals into various manifestations within our four dimensional reality. This is our “reality”.

Since we are completely the congealed reality of Bill is not the same as Hanna, but they are similar and all exchange energy continually. This exchange is what makes us one, but allows one to contribute to the whole. All have some kind of energetic strength + or -. To move up to higher manifestations of this matrix, you must energize. This is commonly called ascension by the ancients. These new realities are reached by higher escape velocities created by huge amounts of humility and love, or by machine power.

Escape velocities are created by energizing the body via “Holograph” to phenomenally high levels,“This” technology can do. These are very pleasant experiences once egoic negativity is shed, which can be painful since a lot of suffering can be remembered. If the power is high enough this egoic control is shed and suffering is no longer possible. These are the higher levels that we seek. Do not let egoic skepticism fool you. All I have said can be done and easily, but not so easily if the ego stops you from trying.

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