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The New Revolution…

We now have the rot of socialism destroying all incentive to save, build and create. We are living off savings of the “past”. We have told our women they can make it on their own and now they are in poverty many living off welfare, and other assistance based programs. So called “reality shows“, and the media convince the public our former male head of households are oversexed, brutal and ignorant. At some point, they actually start believing it’s true! Society has created this delusional portrait of modern men. They are trying desperately to be better fathers, better mentors, better partners, better communicators and simply trying to be what nature intended them to be as “leaders” and the solid foundations in which our future generations will grow from and continue that sense of “well being” and “strength”. Keeping, and Protecting  the very foundation of freedom and vision it was meant to be.

Children are consistently being rapped of  an quality education by inferior by teachers (or worse, ones that teach not because they “want” to, but because it was the quickest way to a paycheck) that will do anything to keep even the worst students in the classroom. Why? To Satisfy a state mandated curriculum, focusing on making the “bare” minimum in standardized test scores. To keep those government funds coming in to pay for everything but the almost phased out Arts, Sciences, Music and now even Athletics, which is always a hit when kids start acting out violently at home or in public for no apparent reason. Forcing unwarranted medical diagnoses like ADHD, Bi-Polar to name a couple. These kids are not being fed quality fuel, instead they are fed pre-packaged, preservatives, with high sucrose and more. They are living off sugar, and forced into classes that after those sugar highs drop so does the attention span.

Many don’t have a physical education class anymore, or after school athletic program to keep a healthy metabolism and oxygen flowing for home work later and for sound sleep in the evenings.  There’s even a brand new title now for what the government has created over the years, passing FDA approved products and allowing others to slip in without proper testing for the real effects these so called approved fuels (foods) really cause. Metabolic Syndrome is the new name. Children and adults are not morbidly obese anymore, they now have a medical terminology that insurance companies cringe at in a board room, because not only is it a reality but it’s costing privatized insurers to pay inflated rates, but more so the governments Medicare and Medicaid coverage’s are rising at epic rates, the highest recorded in history because of poor planning, lack of vision, lack of understanding, or perhaps…simply not understanding the human constitution anymore than the one our nation was founded on.

Top students are now being home schooled or going to charter schools, all of which they pay for in addition to public school taxes. How bad does it have to get for you to take “responsibility” and  vote against the very politicians  who have sanctioned all this? The revolution started on November 2, 2010,  if it continues there “might” be hope. If it doesn’t the road to a Marxist disaster is guaranteed to ruin the largest nation in power.

I urge you not to listen to the bottom feeders on network news and media. They are bought and paid for (oddly enough by political funding, the very funds you may have donated to your party in hopes of “Change”). Listen to your selves and your common sense.

Let me ask you something fellow Americans. How’s big brother treating you and your family now?


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