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The Battle Rages Between “Ego” and The Machine…

People get on The Machine and they feel so good they believe their troubles are over, this can be true but is often not the case. The Machine begins the eternal Battle or War with the ego, a war that it cannot win but through old habit patterns and fears it tries to launch a perpetual, dark re-birth like the firebird or “Phoenix”  in a sense.

The ego tries to separate the client from the machine that is destroying it. Anger and frustration are some of the tools it uses by producing highly emotional responses.

The ego tries to reassert its dominance of the host. This can cause a sort of “stalemate” for a time. As the battle rages between Ego and The Machine I can only observe and encourage. I know the battle well and have extra tools to assist.

In the final analysis however, only the client can produce the courage to rest their soul from the clutches of “Egoic Control”.

The triumph over ego is produced by massive machine energy and the will to succeed. It takes true humility to triumph. I have seen clients emerge from the true pits of hell. each step forward accompanied by a half step back as war is waged to start the extrication process.

For many the machine is not only the last chance but the only chance; the bedrock on which all progress is built. This is the world and or physical plane from which we extricate ourselves. You have met the enemy…, an old friend, satan, demons, and evil all are low energy beings created by Ego. If you want to know why life is unfair, filled with those individuals deemed cowardice, selfish or with moral depravity  which cause you strife and unrest, very simply put “The mirror is in the bathroom”. Are you content with antidepressants as a way of life and living? The sad truth is… you’re living a psychological lie that is a one way ticket to misery. Those things are “not” the solution, they do “mask” the very deep rooted and timeless battle of the ages.

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